Something's Strange About This Ad.

*taps chin*

Oh, okay. Figured it out. It’s because this dude is a Republican.

After seeing the spot, the Obama campaign made a point to suggest that it was supporting Jeff Merkley, Gordon Smith’s Democratic challenger.

Smith must have peeped which way the wind was blowing in his state, what with the city-sized crowds coming out for Obama and his own poll numbers sitting below 50%.


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  • Tasha

    argh they took the video down

  • Tasha

    ok it’s working and wooow at the piggy back ride

  • verdeluz

    The “R-OR” and “if Obama is a Democrat, and was one half of a ‘bipartisan’ ‘partnership’, what party must the other candidate belong to?” connection *should* be obvious, right?

    And yet.