Hillary Clinton's Inner Tracy Flick.

(We wanted to post this months ago when Slate first put this up. But because the people at WordPress are half-evil, our blog does not support javascript, which means Brightcove won’t work on PostBourgie.)

From The Best Show Ever to…90210.

So we talked about this before, and it doesn’t exactly squash our reservations. We get that this is a good career move for Tristan Wilds. Being a principal on a smart HBO show with literally dozens of characters guarantees an actor a lot of critical acclaim and not much else. But being a principal [...]

The Trailer Is Wack. The Movie Is Not.

It does the whole ‘magical people of color’ bit, which I recognize is problematic. But the pacing is great , the script is really smart, and the four leads give flawless performances. Furthermore, it’s the second feature by Tom McCarthy, who helmed The Station Agent and was last seen making up stories as Scott [...]

The 'Shaggy' Defense.

Remember the R. Kelly trial? We almost thought it would never happen. The Pied Piper of R&B* has had almost six years of freedom to tour and pen bizarre epics, as his trial has been delayed by his own appendicitis, the judge’s falling off a ladder, and the lead prosecutor coming down with [...]

Should Everyone Go to College?

Your mama do, but should everyone else? Reflexively, I think I would say yeah, and I’m sure most people would. But we’re also not the ones who have to grade English papers, like a certain anonymous adjunct professor who penned an essay for the Atlantic arguing that maybe we’re trying to be a [...]

Pssh. Nasir, Please!

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Nas has caved under myriad “pressures” to change his ninth CD title. For months now, he’s been promoting his latest release as Nigger, garnering criticism from tons of folks from civil rights leaders to bloggers.


Jay Smooth: Why The Gay Rapper is Like 'Highlander.'

On point, as usual.

I gotta say, It’s funny that these cats (Terrance Dean, D.L. King, etc. ) have been trying to couch their self-promotion in some kind of larger social concern, like citing the D.L. “phenomenon” as a reason for the disproportionately high rate of AIDS among black women. The big problem with [...]

Is Michelle Fair Game?

Barack and Michelle Obama appeared on today’s Good Morning America, where they were asked about an ad the Tennessee GOP has created in response to a “controversial” comment Michelle made back in February in Madison, WI.

“For the first time in my adult like,” she said, “I’m proud of my country.”

And the [...]