Is Barack Obama Muslim?

Well? Is he?

(Not that it’s okay for this question to be asked in the first place.)



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  • No.

    But he is the antichrist, according to some people, which is probably thte same thing, really.

  • Big Word

    Man, Dave Chapelle’s grandmother was right. Being the first black person to do something really is a terrible experience. God bless that brother.

  • …Is that dude’s beard really orange? Because that’s awesome.

  • Tasha

    niice link

  • Being in Kentucky, I’m still hearing this. People did not vote for him because they believe he is indeed Muslim (and something is obviously wrong with that). And some talk show hosts have said that is why he stayed at Wright’s church so long. They think if he was a “real” X-ian he’d have left.
    (LOL@Big Word)

  • “…yes.”

    (Said like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls when Rachel McAdams asks her if butter is a carb.)

  • Noah Stephens

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Obama is a closeted atheist. Its a shame that people of unfaith have to pretend to believe in religion to run for public office.

  • Noah Stephens

    Love the blog by the way

  • If you’re interested in the issue of Obama, Islam and whether he might be a Muslim apostate, you might want to check out “Muslim scholar responds to ‘Sharia smear’ against Obama” — — on the Reuters FaithWorld blog.