The Beautiful Struggle.

I’ve been reading Ta-Nehisi since his time at the Village Voice back in the day. We’ve been linking to is blog for a hot minute now, because we sorta wanna be him when we grow up. (We got the hip-hop-loving, hood-raised, left-tilting political junkie part down).

I finally got to meet him at a book reading* for his new memoir, The Beautiful Struggle, which is so gorgeously written it almost begs to be read aloud.

Couple things:

1) Dude is tall. Like, NBA 2-guard, tall.

2) Ta-Nehisi, after I told him I was a big fan of his blog: ‘I don’t know if you wanna know this, but I write that in the morning in my t-shirt and draws.’

3) He reads PostBourgie. Oh, word? Amped.

*I had my phone off at the reading, so Stacia was calling excitedly about Edwards endorsing Obama and I completely missed it. I was hating when I found out she was there; she was hating when I told her where I was. So it’s a push.

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