And New York Makes Three. (Sorta.)

Gov. David Paterson of New York has moved to recognize gay marriages performed in other states. Golf claps.

Speaking of those other states, Sully lamented the findings in a Los Angeles Times poll that said a slim majority of Californians were opposed to gay marriage, but his spirits were buoyed by a reading a [...]

The Trials of Lola.

Ever since Lola* — one of those eateries that attracts impeccably dressed, upwardly mobile young Negroes — moved from Chelsea to SoHo, it’s been fighting with the neighborhood alliance over its petition for a license for liquor and the right to have live entertainment.

The Patrick-Odeens, the mixed-race couple that runs the spot, [...]

Racism and the Red Sox.

Ta-Nehisi is guest-blogging over at Yglesias, and says racism is not only a moral problem for America, but is a practical economic hurdle one, as well. His example? The Boston Red Sox and The Curse of the Bambino.


Mocking Hillary Clinton at Trinity.


Reggie Love, Obama's Body Man.

Reggie Love got a decent-sized write-up in the NYT yesterday. He’s a former two-sporter at Duke where he once got pissy-drunk at a frat party, passed out, and random dudes plopped their testicles on his forehead. When the pictures surfaced, he was kicked off the team, but was later reinstated by [...]

Nina Burleigh: When Will Obama Apologize for O.J.?

Wow. We have no words right now.


Is Barack Obama Muslim?

Well? Is he?

(Not that it’s okay for this question to be asked in the first place.)

Why She Continues to Run.

Hillary Clinton wrote an op-ed for the NY Daily News called “Why I Continue to Run. An excerpt:

“I am running because I believe staying in this race will help unite the Democratic Party. I believe that if Sen. Obama and I both make our case – and all Democrats have the chance [...]