Snipes Sniped By Feds.

Since we seem to have become the inadvertent authorities on Wesley Snipes and his views of black women, we thought we’d deliver the very latest shocking news to come down the pike.

U.S. District Judge William Hodges of Ocala, FL just sentenced Snipes to the maximum penalty for federal tax evasion.

You read right. Your man Wesley’s gettin’ sent up for three years. Thirty-six months. One thousand ninety-five days. Oh, and they also fined him “up to” $5 mil.

Sigh. So much for that James Brown biopic Spike is (was?) reportedly developing.


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  • I can’t figure out what’s more ridiculous. Marion Jones going to jail for lying about taking steroids, or this. These are 90 day jail offenses at best..and i’m not letting either one off the hook, but damn…

  • tax evasion is a 90-day jail sentence?

    uh, no. even before you consider the amount he skipped out on, no.

    i know, i know. they black! we’re supposed to ride for them.

    these poor, poor millionaires who knowingly committed unnecessary crimes! my heart bleeds.

  • Niko

    Hold tight to the soap Lesley Snipes aka Nina Brown