Like Joni Mitchell, Sinbad Never Lied.

Look what Sinbad started. That jolly spinner of irreverent yarns attended a trip overseas to Bosnia with then-First Lady Hillary Clinton (and Sheryl Crow) and challenged Clinton’s assertion that the trip was fraught with danger.  This led to a surreal moment where a Clinton spokesperson went hard after Sinbad. We’re still reeling.

But well, it turns out…Walter Oakes was in the right.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday that she “misspoke” when she said last week that she ran from sniper fire when she landed in Bosnia in 1996.

Her comments, made to the Philadelphia Daily News, are her first since news organizations and others began questioning the degree of danger she faced on her trip, made when she was first lady.

In an effort to build up her foreign policy credentials as a presidential candidate, Mrs. Clinton had said last week, and earlier, that when she landed in Tuzla, she and others, including her daughter, “ran with our heads down” to avoid sniper fire. News organizations and others cast doubt on Mrs. Clinton’s description and raised questions about her credibility.

Your move, Chris Spencer!



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  • quadmoniker

    Also, I noticed in one of the videos that Chelsea was with her. Somehow, I doubt she took her daughter through sniper fire.