Uh Oh.

This is actually the funniest stuff he’s ever said in his career. But we don’t think he was trying to be funny.

(Hat-tip Brokey.)



Gene "G.D." Demby is the founder and editor of PostBourgie. In his day job, he blogs and reports on race and ethnicity for NPR's Code Switch team.
  • Phil Burk

    Close to the edge, definitely. I think he’s trying to be funny, to be honest. But man that shit is tough to hear since being a white middle aged dude my first reaction is to wonder who the fuck let the racist in the room? And that’s obviously his point…

  • “I’m friends with black people.”

    *Falls out of chair laughing.*

    Aw, bitter, bitter, Pauly. He hasn’t been funny since… like, Encino Man.

  • Tasha

    Shanio correction: Pauly has never been funny.

  • lmao, what a retard

  • LH

    It’s funny no matter how you slice it.

    If he was being serious the absurdity of his new hierarchy is comedy.

    If he was being tongue in cheek (which I think he was), it’s inspired.

    The part about Katt Williams’ hair being “like mine” was hilarious.

  • Sister P

    ***blank stare*** I missed the humor. How does he account for the success of the “Red Neck” comedians who did the blue collar comedy tour? He just ain’t funny!

  • hey buuuuud-y. Back away from the Maneschewitz please.

  • Tasha- there has to be SOME point when the stoner shtick was funny. Maybe?