Like a Black Sheep to the Slaughter.

We’d really like it if Lost were good tonight.

I mean, every good episode of Lost kind of seems like its own little coup de grace, considering the alternative (read: last week’s ep, “The Other Woman” or that Kate-centric ep a few weeks back where the only mildly interesting moment was one we’d guessed about fifteen minutes into the episode, the “Hi, Aaron” ending).

So why is tonight any different than the other weeks that fans sat down patiently, hoping for the best?

Glad you asked. Tonight marks a black man’s return. That’s right, fam. Michael (Harold Perrineau) is back! After a good four or five episodes with Harold’s name flashing across the opening credits with no payoff (not even a voice on the sat-com. We know Michael’s voice when we hear it.), dude is finally deigning to show his face.

Question is: How long before he gets killed?

C’mon, y’all. He’s crossed over to the dark side. And he’s dark. Something tells us the writers won’t be able to resist.


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  • Oh man. I was JUST watching The Best Man and wondering whatever happened to this guy.

  • slb

    You should start watching some old eps of Lost. I get a real kick out of his dead-serious performance.

  • slb

    Mmm-hmm. The promo was all, “Next week: someone.will.DIE!” with a close-up of Michael.


  • quadmoniker

    After watching last night’s episode, I have to admit I totally fell for the flashforward, flashback trick they pulled! Though obviously neither he nor or anyone else dies. I still think he and all the otherrs are still on the island somewhere. Which is how Ben is able to press Sayid into service and why they’re all lying.

    Though Michael’s surprise return was the least surprising thing about the episode, I still think it might have been the best show so far this season. Though the show is still nothing like it used to be. sigh.

  • slb

    I still prefer the season premiere, Sayid’s ep, and Desmond’s (even though I don’t think Desmond’s is as spectacular as critics seemed to believe).

    Last night’s was just totally confusing. I too fell for the okeydoke, because I thought Jin left Sun and remarried. I’d started to concoct this elaborate back-theory, too, like, “Oh, when they returned to Korea, he couldn’t break his work contract with her dad so they agreed to split so the baby wouldn’t have to grow up with a hitman for a father….”

    I was waaaaay off. lol

    But I don’t think he’s dead, either. I didn’t even get a chance to mourn him, if he is, because I had no clue what I was watching at that point. Heh.

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