Jay Smooth on the Tupac Story Clusterfuck.

The 'Why' is Epic.

I got to ask David Simon a question!

The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism hosted a talk with David Simon, creator of The Wire, which all journalists agree is the best show ever. Despite this past season in the newsroom. I braved rush hour traffic in Connecticut to go.

You should know now [...]

How Many Innocent People Are in America's Prisons?

Scalia says the number is small enough to be acceptable, but Adam Liptak of the New York Times said it’s almost impossible to really know.


And a…Pot…in Every Pot.

Barney Frank wants to introduce legislation that decriminalize medical marijuana use.

We won’t go on a rant about the country’s misbegotten drug policy, but there’s no way this gains any traction in the House. Or is there?

Late Pass: LeBron and Gisele on the Cover of Vogue.

Stacia and I disagree on the hullabaloo surrounding the cover for this month’s cover of Vogue.

She gets the King Kong undertones and said it’s not a battle she cares to get all up in arms about; I think the cover and the fallout encapsulates the kind of thoughtlessness about racial imagery that are [...]

Tupac Hopes Heaven Got a Fact-Checker.

In yet another instance of fraudulent (and/or negligent) journalism, LA Times reporter Chuck Philips and Deputy Managing Editor Marc Duvoisin have been forced to recant claims made in an article on March 17 that implicated associates of Sean “Diddy” Combs’ in the 1994 shooting death of Tupac Shakur. Philips claimed the newspaper had obtained [...]

Can Perry Parry Harsher Criticism?

Tyler Perry’s fifth big screen effort and fourth adaptation from one of his stage plays, Meet the Browns, opened Friday. We didn’t comment on it when the trailer debuted—and that was intentional. I’ll explain why in a minute.

First, I have a confession to make: Not counting Meet the Browns, I’ve seen every Tyler [...]

Like Joni Mitchell, Sinbad Never Lied.

Look what Sinbad started. That jolly spinner of irreverent yarns attended a trip overseas to Bosnia with then-First Lady Hillary Clinton (and Sheryl Crow) and challenged Clinton’s assertion that the trip was fraught with danger. This led to a surreal moment where a Clinton spokesperson went hard after Sinbad. We’re still reeling.

But well, [...]