Random Thought: Can You Be an Obama Supporter and a Fan of 'The Wire'?

A question for Wire fans who are also Obama supporters: If you buy the the central theme of The Wire — that institutions  will ruthlessly self-perpetuate and stymie even the best of intentions — then how does one ride for Barack Obama’s promises of changing the culture of Washington?



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  • Yes! Because The Wire shows what happens when people, at all levels, for whatever reasons, dwell in fear and sameness. When we watch The Wire, we are rubberneckers. We already know what’s gonna happen. We just wanna see how it goes down.

  • So you think the same is going to happen to Obama?

  • So, this “The Wire” show… is it supposed to be good, or something?

  • L.A.

    “Cynicism is a sad kind of wisdom.” –Barack Obama

  • Louis: LOL. I love it!

    Shani: I’m done with you.

  • quadmoniker

    As a wire fan and someone who is considering support for Obama, I have to say that the two ideas might actually go hand in hand. Obama is proposing changing the system: the government that spawns the institutions that stymie all good intentions. In some cases we have seen institutions play a role, to a degree, in positive change; many city police departments are credited with more effective policing in the 90s that helped lead to the drops in crime (although there were, of course, other factors.)

    I’m also not sure I believe Obama can really bring ‘change.’ Some of his policies provide a concrete basis for a more open government, which I think would help. More than that, though I think he could at least alter things, which would help for at least some time. Lol. I know that doesn’t sound like ‘Hope.’

  • K.

    That’s a good damn question. I certainly think that there’s only so much one person can do even with the best intentions in the land of Politricks.

  • I know I’m late, but didn’t Obama himself say that ‘The Wire’ was one of his favorite TV Shows?

  • Grump

    Rephrasing the question: Is Obama a strong enough institution to change the politics in Washington?

    Somehow, I keep thinking he’s another real life counterpart to Carchetti in that he’s going to get sucked dry and lost once he gets to where he wants to go. Yet, get stifled byt the istitutions that make up DC political life.

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