David Gregory to Barack Obama: You Got Served.

Barack Obama on Ellen in October:

NBC’s David Gregory on Today in December:



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  • l.

    wow. ha!

  • Obama got sonned. Sad but true.

  • kaya

    yeah obama dances like my x boyfriend. that’s not a good thing :(
    i’d still hit that.

  • kaya

    to clarify: the THAT that i would hit is obama, not my x

  • did your ex-boyfriend have a rod in his back?

  • l.

    i wonder if he would try to crank something if his campaign suddenly lost steam. crank dat obama. i shudder to think.

  • slb79

    in defense of obama: that mary song is way more hyped than “crazy in love.” i mean, the latter is nearly five years old. mary’s song was the song of summer/fall.

    that said: gregory has MOVES (and, clearly, that song is his jam). oh, the enthusiasm! i love it.

  • Aisha

    I really love this clip, espeically the spin.

  • You know, Gregory’s reaction to this song is the default one. This lady was wylin’ out in her parked car to this last night.

    I’m not mad.

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  • LH

    Wow … Gregory’s got some moves. Who knew?

  • Big Word

    Damn! I wonder how he gets down to that Treat em Right remix of that joint.

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