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This cat is like that crazy-ass uncle you have to placate by nodding and smiling uncomfortably at during Thanksgiving dinner. He’s longwinded and perpetually irate, and while he runs for office like clockwork — for president in 2000, Senate in 2004, and again for president in 2008 — though he never, ever wins. His inclusion Read More

Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo boycotted the Univision debate earlier this week because “the very idea of having the forum in Spanish was un-American” and those who participated were simply “pandering” to Hispanic voters. Interviewed by Rick Sanchez on CNN last night, Tancredo said citizenship in America requires English fluency. “You know, if you are Read More

Your guess is as good as mine.

The Supreme Court said that federal judges can reduce sentences from the “mandatory guidelines” given for crack-cocaine sentences. The decision gives sentencing judges more room in criminal cases. [CNN] The 7-2 ruling represents a victory for lawyers who argued that crack-cocaine offenders were unfairly targeted under U.S. sentencing guidelines.Current federal penalties for selling 5 grams Read More

Obama has chiseled away at Hillary’s lead in some national polls, but Carrie Budoff Brown at Politico said he’s done so while steering clear of any explicit references to the very real possibility that he’d be America’s first black president. “You may not hear him use it is a rallying cry,” said Candice Tolliver, Obama’s Read More

Les Payne, the columnist for Newsday, took serious issue with that fascinating New York magazine piece on the rise and fall of the late New York Times managing editor Gerald Boyd, above. Boyd’s head rolled following the Jayson Blair scandal, and his firing knocked him from the post at the Times’ helm that was his Read More

Help us make sense of something: that much-discussed Pew poll that said black people were increasingly less likely to think racial discrimination played a part in the disparity in achievement between blacks and whites (or even between middle-class and poor blacks). “A 53% majority of African Americans say that blacks who don’t get ahead are Read More

“The Wire is dissent. It is perhaps the only storytelling on television that overtly suggests that our political and economic and social constructs are no longer viable, that our leadership has failed us relentlessly, and that no, we are not going to be all right.” —Series creator David Simon In the last few months, I’ve Read More

It’s fascinating how many black sports columnists (with varying degrees of empathy) have used their column-inches in the week since Sean Taylor’s death to inveigh against the violence that has become endemic to the lives of so many black men. While it’s difficult to take issue with their indignation, don’t these sprawling critiques miss the Read More