• Barack Obama and John Edwards get another chance to go hard at Hillary tonight during yet another Democratic debate. They won’t be the only ones going after Clinton, but that focus on her (by both her Democratic rivals and the Republican candidates) only seems to reaffirm the perception that she’s the person to beat. Is the impact of any one of these debates diluted by their sheer number?
  • Students at Stanford Law are giving letter grades to law firms based on their diversity — how many women, minorities and openly gay attorneys they have. Some of the firms that received poor rankings took issues with the initiative, saying the grading didn’t make sense, and a professor at Hastings College said the lack of diversity at many firms suggested that the strongest relevant applicants were still white and Asian. On a somewhat related note, it’s been over a year since a black lawyer in private practice argues a case in front of the Supreme Court. An Associated Press article cited “continuing problems in recruiting and retaining blacks and other minorities at the top law firms; the rise of a small group of lawyers who focus on Supreme Court cases; the decline in civil rights cases that make it to the high court; and the court’s dwindling caseload.”
  • More legal stuff: The American Bar Association is saying again it wants a moratorium on executing prisoners sentenced to death.
  • Racially and religiously motivated attacks have gone up by 12 percent in the UK, according to the Ministry of Justice.
  • The Department of Education is delaying putting into place its new guidelines for the way schools classify students based on race and ethnicity.
  • Two Canadian grad students are peddling a skin-lightening cream that they intend to patent and sell to cosmetic companies. One of the researchers says he got the idea from India, where he’s from and where skin-lightening products do big business. (from Racialicious.com)
  • Those wacky ‘positive stereotypes’.


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  • Darren Sands

    So, B.O.’s idea of making up for the fact that gays have characterized his campaign and many of his supporters (Donnie McClurkin) as homophobic, is to cut a rug with a white middle-aged lesbian woman.

    How could you not like this guy.