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Barack Obama and John Edwards get another chance to go hard at Hillary tonight during yet another Democratic debate. They won’t be the only ones going after Clinton, but that focus on her (by both her Democratic rivals and the Republican candidates) only seems to reaffirm the perception that she’s the person to beat. Is Read More

Chief Illiniwek, the athletic mascot of the University of Illinois who was scuttled and banned from campus in February, was allowed back for homecoming celebrations. The university on its decision to allow the Chief back: “The university values free speech and free expression and considers homecoming floats, decorations, costumes and related signage all representations of Read More

Between the Jena 6 and that Columbia University professor, nooses have been all over the news lately. NPR wonders if that’s due to a rise in racist incidents involving nooses, or a rise in their coverage. There’s a pretty well-done profile on The Wire‘s David Simon in The New Yorker (spoiler alert for the folks Read More

Last week, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick threw his endorsement behind longtime friend Barack Obama. The endorsement was seen by some as an opportunity for Obama to leverage his grassroots support in Massachusetts to garner votes in neighboring New Hampshire for the important early primaries. The Patrick speaks, people —- particularly young people —- listen. But Read More

I tried to sit through Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman last winter with my cousin; I almost bodied myself. Not content to let Steve Harris’s character simply be a dick, Perry made him an unfaithful husband who colluded with drug dealers to amass his fortune before literally tossing his loving, supportive wife Read More